Software Patches
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Label Key
  • Patch - Should be applied to all systems.
  • Enhancement - Can optionally be applied to enhance the performance of your software.
  • Notice - Information regarding a known issue with the software.
Hotfix Note
  • On Premise systems should apply only the latest patch (at the top of the list).
  • On Demand (aka Hosted or Bundling) systems should follow the Patch Appplication Path outlined in the GO!NotifyLink Patch Installer Guide.

For fixes to the previous release, select GO!NotifyLink Enterprise Server v4.9.0.

For a video demonstration of the Patch Installation process, view the GO!NotifyLink Software Patches Video.

GO!NotifyLink Enterprise Server v4.10.x
NOTE: Install or upgrade to GO!NotifyLink Enterprise Server v4.10.0 before applying these fixes.
NLES Update 1 & 2 (v4.10.x)
Files (size): NLES_4_10_Patch_1_& (1.99MB)     
Read the Patch Installer Guide before proceedi...
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