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Hotfix Note Apply only the fixes designated for the version of GO!NotifyLink that you are running. Fixes should be applied in chronological order; apply from the bottom of the page up. Some newer fixes may depend on an older fix being applied first.

For fixes to the current release, select GO!NotifyLink Enterprise Server v4.10.0.

For a video demonstration of the Patch Installation process, view the GO!NotifyLink Software Patches Video.

Enterprise Server for Zimbra
NOTE: These fixes apply only to GO!NotifyLink Enterprise Server v4.0.0 - v4.3.1.
NL Pim Update (v4.3.1)
Files (size): (395.79K)     
nlpim.exe v4.3.0.9

There was an issue with processing All Day Events when the user time zone is different than the time zone of the NotifyLink...
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2007 Daylight Saving Time Changes (v4.3.1)
Files (size): (415.57K)     
ntc_core.dll v2.0.0.1
nlpim.exe v4.3.0.7

This hotfix adjusts Daylight Saving Time based on the new begin and end dates per the Energy Polic...
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NL Pim Update (v4.3.1)
Files (size): (379.10K)     
nlpim.exe v4.3.0.5

There was an issue with Calendar OTA Load processing that resulted in All Day Events loaded to the device set to occur on t...
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Database update (v4.3.1)
Files (size): (0.59K)     

This fix should be applied by all customers.

This hotfix creates a database field that is required for C...
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Time Zone Update (v4.3.1)
Files (size): (398.06K)     
NLPim.exe v4.3.0.3
NTC_core.dll v1.0.0.13

This fix should be applied by all customers, not only those that use or reside in ...
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64-bit Version of Windows
Installation of NotifyLink components is not currently supported on systems that use a 64-bit version of Windows.

BlackBerry Attachment Conversions (v4.3)
Files (size): ReadMe.txt (2.03K)     
On some NLES systems, the Attachment Service processing for BlackBerry attachments may result in one or both of the following:
(1) An error popup ...
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